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Cisco 805 Serial Router Installation

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When it comes to configuration, the Cisco 805 router offers support with the ConfigMaker tool. ConfigMaker is a tool which is used to calibrate the miniature network of Cisco routers, as well as hubs and switches. This application can work with PCs that use the Windows operating system.

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ConfigMaker has been designed for both network administrators and resellers who work with small to moderate sized companies that work with LAN or WAN. To allow the set up process to be easier, the Cisco 805 router makes use of ports which are color coded, and this allows users to be sure they are making the right connections. The documentation that comes with this tool has instructions which are easy to follow.

The most important features of the Cisco 805 router can be found in the reference guide, along with the hardware specifications. The Cisco Fast Step is a tool which makes it simple for nontechnical people to install the 805 router. It is user friendly features such as these which have made this router very popular with small to medium sized companies.

With the standard security features, the router will block the network from access which is unauthorized. The router authentication will accept the updates for the routing table, but will only allow this with known routers. This ensures that corrupt data from sources that are unknown will not be received. The very heart of the enhanced security features is the IOS firewall.

This firewall allows for dynamic ACLs, can defend the resources of the router against DOS attacks, and can review the packet headers and eliminate packets which are suspicious. The firewall can also defend against Java applets which are malicious or unidentified, and can analayze transactions in a 'per application' manner.

The Cisco 805 router also makes use of IPSec encryption, which forms an important part of its security. IPSec can ensure the integrity of data, as well as the authenticity for origin through the use of encryption which is standards based. It also offers security for every user of the LAN, and it is not necessary for individual PCs to be configured.

Additional Cisco 805 Specs and Features

The Cisco 805 router offers choice for encapsulation, and can allow for the compatibility of networks which already exist. It also allows for "snapshot" routing for both IPX and IP, which provides very efficient use for the bandwidth which is available. The X.25 packet data allows the transfer of data to occur over the X.25 networks.

NAT allows companies to conserve their IP addresses which are valuable, and it can also lower the costs and time through lowering the management of IP addresses. The Cisco IOS Software Easy IP will allow for IP addresses to be configured transparently through the IOS Dynamic Host Control Protocol. This can be done every time the client powers up.

The Cisco 805 also makes use of the 10BASE-T Ethernet port. It offers a connection for the 10BASE-T Ethernet network, and is compatible with the 10/100-Mbps device. It also comes with a RJ-45 console port, and offers connections for the terminal and PC when it comes to router troubleshooting or software configuration.

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4 MB of Flash Memory is provided, and the router uses 8 MB of DRAM. The router works with Windows 95, 98, and 2000, and is also compatible with the IOS Software. A cable lock is also provided with the Cisco 805 router, which offers a method of physically securing the router. A wall mount function is also provided which allows the 805 router to be mounted to either a vertical surface or a wall.

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