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Cisco Serial Router Security

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Router Security

Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to the reliability of a router, and this is one thing which many users like about the Cisco Serial Router.

In addition to its standard security features, the Cisco 805 has a number of enhanced security features. One such feature is the dynamic firewall, which can protect an organization's data against unauthorized access.

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The firewall is integrated, and it offers dynamic ACLs, as well as Java blocking. It also protects against DOS attacks, and it can prevent them as well. The firewall also offers real time alerts, as well as audit trails. These security features mentioned so far are vital to the success of an enterprise.

While "firewall" is a term which is used by numerous vendors, stateful firewalls are distinct. A firewall which is not dynamic will not offer the enhanced features that the Cisco 805 firewall offers, and is therefore vulnerable to numerous types of attacks. Another important feature that comes with this router is Encryption and Tunneling.

The Cisco 805 router offers IPSec based encryption technology to allow smaller offices or telecommuters to utilize Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs. IPSec offers a high degree of privacy and authenticity, particularly when it comes sending sensitive data through the Internet.

Cisco gives its customers the ability to implement their IPsec encryption in a transparent manner, and it can be done inside the network in a way that doesn't affect the individual PCs.

With IPSec encryption, the Cisco 805 router will allow a great deal of money to be saved, since it will use the Internet to generate connections that are secure among small offices. Because it forms a part of the Cisco VPN, the Cisco 805 router offers support for IPsec tunneling, Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol, and Generic routing encapsulation.

Another important part of the Cisco 805 is its ease of management. This router provides support for the management of a large range of applications as well as platforms. ConfigMaker, which is offered through Microsoft, and CiscoView, which is offered by UNIX, are applications which offer higher levels for both security management as well as configuration.

The Cisco 805 router offers support for centralized management, and it does this through SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol.

The Cisco Serial Router is a very Safe Investment

With all the enhanced security measures that have been offered with this product, it is easy to see why the Cisco 805 router is a very safe investment. Small offices have a tendency to be on very tight budgets, and this means that they need to be sure that the technologies they are investing in are safe.

DRAM which is field expandable, along with Flash memory, can allow these smaller offices to make good use of the Cisco IOS software enhancements. Since the Cisco 805 router also makes use of a high end processor, as well as memory architecture, it can offer support for applications in the future, even as customer demand continues to grow.

Companies which utilize the Cisco 805 router can use the high level support features which help to ensure that the router continues to function.

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Some of the support services which are offered include the IOS software updates. Many of the updates will be made for things such as bandwidth, security, and protocol. Full access will also be provided for Cisco, and this allows customers to receive technical assistance, as well as information on the product.

Additionally, the technical support staff will be available 24 hours a day, and the first three months of technical assistance will be provided free or charge.

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