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The Cisco 805 is a serial router which provides high levels of security, as well as great reliability. It accomplishes this through the Cisco IOS technology, which has been designed with small offices in mind. 

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The first and arguably most important of these benefits involves security. Some of the features which come with this router include a firewall which is integrated, and IP security, which is a form of encryption which allows for the enabling of VPNs. These security features are important because they allow small offices to carry out business over the Internet while simultaneously securing resources which are valuable.

Another thing that many users like about this router is its reliability. Since the Cisco 805 router is dependent on the identical IOS software that is used online, a small office can be secure in knowing that it is highly reliable, and is used by enterprise level customers.

Additionally, the Cisco 805 offers Internet access to numerous users without the need to be tied down to a server or PC which is dedicated. If any server within the LAN crashes, this means that the other users can stay online, and will be unaffected. Cisco Serial Router also comes with a number of services which are value added, and some of them include virtual private networks and POS applications, along with secure online access.

A Safe and Low Cost Investment

Not only does the Cisco 805 router offer high levels of security and excellent reliability, but it is also a safe and low cost investment. This router has memory options which may be upgraded so the newest networking functions and can be used when needed.

With a high end processor along with memory architecture, the Cisco 805 can offer support for applications in the future, as the networking needs of customers continue to expand. If companies intend take advantage of the many opportunities which are offered through Internet commerce, they must have a secure method of doing so.

The Cisco Secure Integrated Software has many technologies that can bring about customized security.

Some of these technologies include monitoring, privacy, firewalls, and encryption, along with VPNs. Perimeter security is a term which is used to describe the control of traffic which enters and exits the boundaries of the network.

A good example of this would be private networks, as well as intranets or the Internet. The IOS perimeter security is not only highly flexible, but it has a number of important security features. Some of these features include Standard and extended access control lists, router authentication, lock and key, and Network Address Translation. Of all these, NAT is one of the most important.

The reason for this is because it gets rid of the need for re-addressing all the hosts with the existing private network addresses, and it will conceal the addresses from the eyes of the public.

For those businesses that wish to allow only selected access for the network, NAT can be calibrated to only allow for specific types of data requests like web browsing, file transfers, or sending and receiving email. At the same time, the Cisco 805 has even more enhanced levels of security. 

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First, it makes use of a firewall which is dynamic. Companies are relying more on internal servers and networks when it comes to accessing company information. To utilize the Internet as an important business tool, companies must be able to connect their networks to the Internet, while maintaining the security of internal data which is sensitive. Stateful firewalls can be used to protect company information against unauthorized access.

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