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Netopia Serial Router Security Tips

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One of the most important aspects of using any router is security. With the Netopia Serial Router, there are a number of security measures that you can take to ensure your network connections are secure. Along with the establishment of user accounts, filters, and access for Telnet, there are many other options that you should also consider.


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First, you will want to alter the settings for the SNMP passwords. The standard settings are quite global in nature, and potential intruders may find it easy to figure them out. You will also want to alter the answer profile so that it has to match the incoming calls with the connection profile. For the Enable Dial-in Console Access feature, you will want to set this to "No."

Whenever you use the AURP, you will want to only accept connections from partners who are configured. You will next want to calibrate the Netopia Serial Router via the serial console port. The reason for this is because you want to be certain that the communications cannot be intercepted by unwanted parties.

Another important part of router security is the user accounts. When you are configuring the Netopia Serial Router for the first time, passwords will not be necessary to gain access to the configuration menus. This basically means that virtually anyone could alter the configuration for the router, and they could do it by making a connection to the console.

Despite this, if you add the user accounts, you can prevent these sensitive menus from being subject to unauthorized access. The user accounts will be comprised of a combination of username/password which may be provided to users who are unauthorized.

I strongly advise users to use protection when it comes to the configuration menus. If the menus are not protected, this would basically allow unauthorized user to gain access to the operation of the whole network. After the user accounts have been generated, any users who try to gain access to the protected menus will be blocked. Only users who enter the appropriate username/password will be allowed access.

Netopia Serial Router Security Measures

To establish your user accounts, you will need to pick "Security" under the System Configuration page. After you pick "Security," you will next want to click "Return." Once you have done this, the Security Options page should appear. It is critical to always make sure the Security Options screen is protected.

This is the very first screen you should see, and it is very critical since it is responsible for controlling access for the configuration screens. Therefore, access to this screen should always be protected via a password. You will want to pick "Password for This Screen" within the Security Options menu, and place in the password. You will want to be certain the password is strong and distinct from any of the passwords you use for the user accounts.

 It is also important to make sure the configuration screens are protected. To do this, you will want to use the user accounts. You have the option of establishing these accounts through the Security Options page.

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You can create a maximum of four accounts. To see the user accounts, you will want to pick the "Show Users" option from the Security Options page. When you wish to add a new user, all you need to do is pick "Add User" from the Security Options page, and once you have done this, you will want to click "Return."

After this is done, a screen should appear which is named "Add Name With Write Access." Here you will want to enter both the name and the password.

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