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The Netopia R5000 Router series is comprised of the R5100 Serial router, as well as R5300 T1 Router and R5200 DDS Router. The Netopia Serial Router has a multiprotocol design which allows it to connect to local area networks which are diverse. Additionally, it can make connections to the Internet, as well as networks that are remote.

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With Netopia Router, internet service can be provided at a speed of 56K DDS. This means that Netopia Router is excellent for small to moderate sized offices, and it can provide a complete presence to the Internet at all times. The Netopia Serial Router can be purchased as a total solution, and it comes with the cables and software which is necessary to quickly connect to either the Internet or a corporate network.

When the Netopia router is connected to a computer, you will need to activate your account via the frame, as well as your ISP. One this is done, you can maintain a high speed connection which is clean. The Netopia Serial Router has a number of functions and capabilities.

It has an eight port Ethernet hub which is built in, and it also has an uplink port which allows for the easy connection of the router to either workstations, or 10Base-T hubs. It also has a standard firewall which is built in, and this firewall has IP packet filtering. The router also offers support for the Frame Relay, as well as PPP.

It allows for IP address serving via the WAN link or the Ethernet link, and it also gives both regional or remote nodes the ability to obtain IP addresses automatically, and this can be done from a pool of addresses which are designated.

Netopia Serial Router Features

With this Netopia Router model, networking is continuously available. Netopia Router helps you get rid of dialing, and it offers a transmission which is both smaller and more predictable. It has LED lights which act as status indicators which can allow you to monitor or troubleshoot problems.

Netopia Serial Router allows for management which is based on the console, and it does this above both Telnet or the serial cable connections. The Netopia Serial Router provides for configuration which is remote, and this can be done via the network administrator, technicians, or the reseller. An external modem or IP network will typically be used for this.

One thing that many users like about this router is that it can be mounted to walls. It also has a design which allows it to make efficient use of space. NAT, or Network Address Translation, is used to conceal the identity of the LAN IP addresses against potential intruders.

Netopia Router does this through symbolizing all the LAN IP addresses onto the Internet, or through a remote network in the form of one address. The design allows numerous server types on a LAN to be available for access via the Internet.

Another important feature that this Netopia Router has is AppleTalk, which allows routing from LocalTalk to Ethernet, and it assigns the IP addresses for the Macintosh users, as well as IP functionality for those that use LocalTalk.

Netopia Serial Router Advantages

The status of the Netopia Router will be monitored in a web based manner, and budget management will be included via a group of forms that are inside the web browser. For instance, web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape will be available from the Netopia disk.

The firmware upgrade will support a feature which allows for VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. It will also allow for Multi-NAT, which is the NAT implementation that provides for the combination of either one to one, or one to many NAT for the identical tunneled and physical connection. 

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With all these features, it is easy to see why the Netopia Serial Router is so important for small to medium sized firms, and how it can be used in home offices or schools.

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