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Wireless routers have become popular in recent years because they allow you to connect to a network from anywhere in your home or office, and you don't have to worry about the large mess of cables and wires which are associated with traditional wired networks. In addition to this, many wired networks require holes to be drilled in walls so the network can be transferred from one floor or room to another, an expensive and time consuming process.

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A wireless network bypasses these issues entirely. For many people, a wireless network is the only way they can route their internet connection from one location to another. A wireless network is excellent for situations where you wish to use your laptop in any location of your home, whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom.

The wireless router can be thought of as the very heart of the wireless network, and it functions in the same manner as a cordless phone base station. What most people refer to as being a wireless router is actually a device that has dual functions, which includes the access point, and the router itself.

The access point will be responsible for connecting the computers in the facility to one another, and it will then connect all of these to the Internet. An office which is substantially large in size may have access points or routers which are stored in distinct boxes to obtain a larger range via the network. However, these are more expensive than the typical wireless router, because they have a much larger range.

Wireless Router Features

Every computer that exists within the wireless network will need to have a receiver which works with the wireless router. These are referred to as being network adapters, and they will typically have either a USB device or a network card. For most laptops, a network card adapter can be used, but most contemporary laptops today have such devices built in.

Older laptop models will typically need to use external devices to connect to the network. My best advice to those that wish to buy wireless routers is to make sure they purchase both the router and adapter from the identical company, as this reduces the likelihood of compatibility issues occurring. Additionally, when you purchase both from the same company, you can be assured of receiving good technical support.

Wireless Router Advantages

There are many advantages to using a wireless router over a traditional wired router. First, there is no large group of wires that can become tangled up together. This means that once you've set up your wireless router, the days of tripping over wires, or accidentally pulling them out of their sockets, are over.

Additionally, with a wireless router, you literally have the freedom to carry your laptop anywhere in your home and office, and still have access. As long as you stay within the range, you should be fully connected. The mobility that comes with a wireless network can greatly increase efficiency and freedom, since you are not tied down to one location, and can move about as you please. This is the greatest advantage of using wireless routers.

Wireless Router Issues

However, wireless routers are far from perfect. The biggest issue that they face is security. While advances have been made in recent years on wireless network security, the truth of the matter is that homes or offices that wish to have the most secure connection must use wired networks.

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Additionally, because wireless routers are a newer technology, as expected, they are more expensive than their traditional wired router counterparts. Another issue that many people have noticed with wireless routers is a decrease in speed.

The farther you move away from the router, the weaker your connection will become. While improvements continue to be made, these are the key issues that one should consider when purchasing one.

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Is the range of all wireless routers the same? If some have more range than others what is the designation/number I am looking for to buy the wireless with the most powerful range?

My question relates to an issue I am having. My wireless router is located in my office at home but the signal is very weak when I take my laptop to a room on the second floor. The distance is less than 75 ft but I am told that the wireless signal weakens as it goes through the walls!

I bought the device 5 years ago.
Comment posted by: Dave Sutherland on 2008-09-13T12:22:29
Do some Wireless Routers have more range than others?
Comment posted by: Dave Sutherland on 2008-09-13T13:17:11
thx a lot
but u can also use picture to become more interesting issue
Comment posted by: majid on 2008-09-16T12:43:37
How to enable security(to set username and password) for my wireless network? I have NETGEARE DG834G v3 and Modem Speed touch 330 USB ADSL.

Comment posted by: Hamchache Kamal on 2008-11-29T05:54:42
I like to use a wireless router in Turkey which should be capable to work with my Iphone 3G with a distance of half a mile. What type and make of a wireless do you recommend? I do have ADSL
Comment posted by: Dincer on 2009-02-25T15:36:17
we want wireless router for 18 computer cyber cafe which letest Wireless Router avalable in market
Comment posted by: ASHOK SHINDE on 2009-04-22T13:33:07
if a wireless router is hooked up to my main household computer can i see what my kids are searchin on the internet
Comment posted by: ichigo on 2009-05-24T23:31:42
recently, my laptos battery went dead and i charged it. the problem is that it says that there is no wireless router connection when there is.

What do I do now?
Comment posted by: qasim on 2009-05-25T07:59:27

my wireless router is not secured and i dont know what the password is. how can I make it secured without the instruction manual
Comment posted by: nicholas on 2009-10-05T18:04:10
I have a wireless printer and a built-in wifi card. Do I still need a router to connect and share the printer?
Comment posted by: gorm on 2009-10-07T16:26:50
Hello gorm , Yes.. you need wireless router to connect to .. then you will see that printer in all of the computer at your home
Comment posted by: vamsee on 2010-09-24T06:18:13

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