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We have been pursuing professional development, always uphold the quality first, customer first, innovation and development of the operating policy, through continuous improvement, always grasp the core technology of high-end precision
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To abide by the credibility, people-oriented business philosophy, we believe that through our continuous efforts and the pursuit, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers, become well-known brand of professional Chinese
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1 inform your needs (information quantity, type, delivery time, etc.) and other relevant requirements, customer service immediately offer information consultation for you; 2 customer service will by fax, email will be sent to the client contract.
Anhui Sandu Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd
Anhui Sandu Cutting Tools Co., Ltd is aprofessional factory for many years the production of measuring instrumentsHome,the company products include vernier caliper,diameter of thousands Micrometer,micrometer,counter,electric gear tooth micrometer Sub caliper,electyonic digital display micrometer,electronic digital display Height gaugeand so on,is an important production base of our measuring instruments One of the The company relies on a rich experience of professional talent team Wu,strictly according to ISO and DIN standards,customers Provide accurate,reliable measurement products and satisfactory service,Has won the title of quality products are the former Ministry of machinery,Sophisticated manufacturing,professional quality,popular at home and abroad The favor of customers.
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